Tui na therapy

Tui na is based on a theory in Chinese traditional medicine that in the human body there exist channels (meridians) where the energy (Qi) moves. If the movement of Qi is disrupted, the person will get sick. The purpose of  tui na is to restore the free movement of Qi and return the organism to its harmonious state that is the foundation of good health. This method, more than 2000 years old, is used against musculoskeletal disorders, and problems with reproductive, digestive and respiration organs. The tui na method that we use in our center is very effective for many different kind of health problems.

As a result of Chinese therapeutic massage, the muscles are relaxed, blood circulation improves and the organism is cleaned from its waste products. Tui na is also used as a preventive measure to strengthen the immune system and protects your health. Tui na is suitable for people of all ages.



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