2024 we will resume training on January 17th

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The principles of taiji are in accordance with several Chinese philosophies like Taoism, Confucianism. The principles are therefore extremely profound that cannot be understood within a day, but only gradually through practice. This ancient internal martial art, based on relaxation, gentleness and smooth movements, reduces stress, improves physical fitness, concentration and general well-being. Even though taiji is an effective martial arts, it has gained, due to its slow and smooth movements, world-wide popularity as a healthy gymnastics routine suitable for all ages.

Taiji is universal because its forms can be performed on various levels of physical intensity, adapting the positions according to one's capabilities and is therefore suitable for both the young as well as the elderly. The goal of both taiji as well as other internal martial arts is the harmony of mind and body.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine there exist channels or meridians in the human body where circulates the life force Qi. If some channel has been blocked, the Qi will no longer be able to flow freely and the person will get sick. Through the practice of taiji, the circulation of Qi is improved thus changing the quality of life.

The classes teach to understand the nature of taiji. Through practice, both the healthy as well as the martial art aspect interwoven into taiji will become clear. 


Cui Shikai is originally from the city of Dalian in the province of Liaoning, China. In 1991, he graduated from the Wushu speciality of the Sports Faculty in the Xuzhou Institute of Pedagogics and has worked as a Chinese martial arts teacher and trainer ever since. Cui Shikai has also learned traditional Chinese medicine. From the year 1994, he works in Estonia as a trainer and masseur. Being well acquainted with sports and Chinese traditional medicine, he has a lot of knowledge about a healthy way of life and eating. 

Time and place

The assembly hall of the Tartu Kesklinna school (III floor), enter from the door at the Kroonuaia street.
Kroonuaia 7A, Tartu
Wed 19:00-20:30



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GSM: 55 696 859

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