Gua sha

Gua sha is a technique also called “scraping off the disease”. It was originally used by Chinese peasants more than 2000 years ago for lowering fever. Nowadays, it is a common technique in Oriental medicine. If energy Qi or blood circulation stops in a certain place, it is a common source of pain. First the area of the body to be treated is anointed with herbal oil. Then a special scraper is used across the corresponding meridians. The round-edged scraper is usually made of jadeite, animal bone, horn or plastic. Sometimes a Chinese spoon or coin is also used. The procedure can be conducted on any part of the body.

If the problem is serious, the scraping can result in painless haemorrhage that disappears in a few days. Gua sha improves blood circulation and metabolism, and helps the body to get rid of its waste products. Most patients feel an the body's change instantly. After the procedure it is recommended to rest during the next day and avoid alcohol, eating excessively, fasting, heavy work or exercise.



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