Cupping therapy

Cupping is a technique in known among Oriental, old Swedish and European peoples. Cupping  was used in China already in 2000 BC. In Sweden, it began to be used at the beginning of 19. century as a cure for various diseases. Even Estonian folk medicine has always made use of cupping. Cups of different size and material (glass, rubber, silicone, clay) are used in cupping therapy. It is characteristic for the therapy that a vacuum is created with the use of cups. The vacuum is generated, after the  cups have been positioned on the body, either with heat or a special pump. As a result, a large mass of soft tissue, muscle and skin is sucked into the vacuum both vertically as well as horizontally.

This process eases the circulation of blood and energy in the canals, improves metabolism, the function of internal organs, blood supply, eases the excretion of toxins and waste products, improves hormonal balance, increases the strength of the immune system in the are of the body, reduces muscle tension, cleans pores and skin, increases the regeneration capacity of the skin, improves the functional activity of the skin and removes external pathogens.


chronic muscle and joint pains, respiratory diseases (pneumonia, cough/bronchitis, asthma), facial nerve paralysis, insomnia, depression,  digestive problems, swelling, ailmentsregarding transition to old age, chronic pain syndromes (stomach, teeth, head, shoulder and backache).


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